An online financial aid program for PARENTS AND STUDENTS to help plan, prepare and pay for college.

You will discover must-know strategies to save you time and money, conquer your fears and worries about your college search and selection process, college costs and affordability.

Financial Aid expert Catherine Graham shares her 30 years of experience working in colleges’ Financial Aid Offices. “I’ve worked with thousands of families and know how complicated and confusing financial aid can be. Starting financial aid planning early is key.”


“I wish I had access to Catherine’s financial aid strategies AND had started learning about planning for college this way, earlier.”

Pam D – Los Angeles, Ca

Your child is going to college!

You’ve encouraged your child to take their education to the next level and you’ve both made a lot of sacrifices. They’re excited about college and you couldn’t be more proud! And then…

Reality sets in.

“How I’m going to Pay for it”?

Countless Parents

It’s terrifying when the idea of financing college becomes a burden. But the wrong choices could greatly impact your retirement and/or your students ability to have a successful financial future.

The average college sticker price for four years at a private college is about 300k and over 100k for public schools!

Suddenly that excitement turns into:

From information overload

You can’t afford your child’s dream school

“It’ll all work out.”

Going into debt and draining your savings is not the answer.

No matter where your child goes to college,
they’re going to be great!

Planning and preparing for college should not be so worrisome.


what you can learn in over ten hours of video training. This financial aid knowledge can save you tens of thousands of dollars and the aggravation of trying to put all the pieces together yourself.

With a focus on early planning and college affordability, Catherine introduces not just one part of the financial aid process – but just about all it. This fully loaded program, now offered on-line, is unique and one of a kind, and offers you hundreds of tips, tricks and tools to navigate the entire college financial aid experience.

With more than 10 hours of on-line training you will be on your way to future financial (aid) success – let’s get rid of your stress today.

with mentorship and coaching that

Helps you weed through the financial aid noise.

Empowers you to select a college based on your goals (for education and finance).

Reduces decisions based on emotions and unreal expectations.

Gives expert guidance that is ethical and unbiased.

Is right for families at any income level.

“A Financial Aid Education program that Empowers,
not overwhelms.”

Hi, I’m Catherine Graham
founder of the financial aid shop

I’ve spent the past 30 years helping college students in financial aid and admissions offices across the U.S.

I’ve noticed a consistent lack of knowledge and understanding around financial aid process and have witnessed just how financially devastating the wrong choices can be – for the student and the entire family.

I too received student loans and had I known how that debt was going to impact my financial future, I would have made very different choices. The Financial Aid Shop’s mission is support students and families in their very personal financial aid journey to transform their experiences from stress to financial success through honest and responsible financial aid education and training.

Learning about financial aid does not have to be hard.

What if…

You had access to a comprehensive, yet SIMPLE and PROVEN financial aid program that introduces you to all the financial aid concepts you need to know, laid out in understandable terms. We break it all down, piece by piece, turning confusion into clarity.
With straightforward, no nonsense guidance and advise, you’ll be on your way to supporting your family through the craziness of the college search and selection process – all with an eye towards college affordability.


Position your family for a successful financial aid experience whether your child is in elementary, middle or high school, and if your just now finding us, great – it’s never too early or too late to know your financial aid.

The first 18 winning strategies in this program are designed to support you from beginning, Strategy 1 to the end, Strategy 18. That being said, no matter where you are in this process, each strategy will provide you with tools you will need. Take a peek at what you will learn in each of our 18 strategies below.

Conversations With Your Kids about College – You’re their Quarterback

It’s never too early or too late to talk to your kids about planning for college, college costs and affordability. It starts with exploring your child’s interests and career goals, understanding your “why college?”, managing expectations, emotional and information overload and strategically navigating your child’s grade k-12 experience.

Investigate Your Colleges – Predict the Path

We hear the stories – how hard it is to get into college or rumors about SAT or GPA requirements. And, let’s not forget the horror stories of colleges closing or cancelling majors. As part of managing expectations and college costs you must know more than you think you know about each of the college your student is considering.

Demystify the FAFSA – A Confidence Booster

Don’t stress over it. The financial aid application, the FAFSA, can be daunting. Do you know that you do not need to wait until your student’s senior year in high school to tackle this beast? We will walk you through the FAFSA, let you know the data that you will need to complete it, and what follows – the Student Aid Report (SAR). Know the deadlines and tax year timelines for early financial planning.

Be calculating – Know What Goes Into Your EFC

The madness behind your EFC. Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is based on your income and how much cash, savings and investments you have as well as many other variables. And, depending on all of these variables your odds of getting of getting financial aid changes. It’s a good idea to know how the Federal government views your income and assets to come up with your EFC.

Give More (And You Might Get Less) – The College Board’s CSS Profile

The College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile is another financial aid application required by many private colleges. These colleges want A LOT more income and asset information and more details about your family and household. We will review the CSS Profile application process and get you ready should you need to complete it.

Capture The Free Money – Federal & State Grants

Show me the money. There is a lot of free money out there from the Federal and your state government. We will not only introduce the core financial aid grant programs but will show you who qualifies and how to apply.

Help Yourself To Work and Loans – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Borrowing blindly is a bad idea. It’s a good idea for you AND your student to project student loan borrowing not only for the first year but for their entire undergraduate career, and perhaps into graduate school too! And, did you know that working in college has great benefits? A college job is a great way for your student to assist with his/her college expenses.

Reduce The Parent Pain – Foolproof Resources For Parents

Reduce the parent pain. We know as parents that you are worried about how you’re going to pay for college. Ease the planning and payment pain – know your options: IRS tax benefits, payment plans, tuition insurance plans, parent loans and college savings.

Expand Your Vocabulary – You’ll be Fluent Before You Know It

What’s that? The financial aid vocabulary & concepts might as well be the language of Martians. “What in the heck is a COA?” “Do I really need a Federal EFC?” “What do you mean I don’t have need?” Get the key financial aid terms and concepts to support you and your student in any financial aid and college cost conversation.

And, as a Bonus – at the end of this strategy you will know exactly how much the Federal government thinks you can pay for one year of education now, irrespective of what grade your child is in today. Don’t wait until the senior year of high school to get this number. Know today and plan for tomorrow.

Avoid The Sticker Price – An Insider View To Your Real College Costs

Avoid the sticker price. Do you want to know how much free grants and scholarship your student may get from any college in the country? Let’s talk about your REAL college costs and take a deep dive into college finances. You will learn general concepts including where colleges get their money, how and who they award the financial aid to. This is where we will talk about those Merit Scholarships everyone wants – $10K, $20K, $40K – know how it’s done.

Leverage Your Strengths – Apply & Receive Private Scholarships

It’s worth your time. Every year organizations offer scholarships to support new and continuing college students. There is a real benefit to receiving these awards and this is an important part of the conversation on college costs and affordability. Apply and you will receive scholarships that can reduce loans in your financial aid package.

Generate the Outcomes – History Does Repeat Itself

Families say: “I wish I knew that”. Knowing the experiences (or outcomes) of students that attended college, before yours, is a very important part of the college search and research process. Don’t get caught not knowing where those hidden college costs for your student may come from. What you don’t know will end up costing you.

And, as a Bonus – at the end of this strategy, we will show YOU where you can go TODAY to eliminate your sticker shock (price) AND get you to YOUR projected REAL costs for any college in the country.

Sharpen Your Pencils – Review & Compare Financial Aid Awards

Not all financial aid awards are created equal. Once you are admitted and have applied for financial aid, you will receive financial aid award letters from your colleges. Get the tools, tips and tricks to compare financial aid awards and make sure you understand your real net college costs – for the first year and through graduation.

Appeal For More Financial Aid – What Does & Doesn’t Work

Appealing is downright appealing.  Negotiating for more financial aid is always a good idea, but there are rules and regulations that colleges must follow. Whether you are “just asking for more money” or have had a change in your family’s circumstances, you must have the ins & outs of appealing for more financial aid.

Select A College You Can Afford – For Future Financial Success

Can you really afford your college choice? Selecting a college that both you and your student can afford is just plain smart. And, we don’t want you to have the PAIN of long-term student loan payments. Let’s project your entire college costs and see what you can afford, or not. It is a numbers game – know your numbers.

Receive & Keep Financial Aid in College – Your Check List

Your kid’s going to college! Very exciting, yet there is still so much to do between high school graduation and starting college in the Fall. From completing additional financial aid forms, registering for classes and making payments you can’t afford miss a deadline or turn in a form. Did you know that keeping financial aid depends on grades, completing classes, meeting deadlines and graduating within a certain time line? Don’t risk losing financial aid while in college.

Visualize Future Financial Success – Student Loan Repayment

Student Loan Payback time. Graduating from college is exciting and scary – and there is a lot to think about. It’s a good idea to know about student loan repayment before starting college. Get the ins & outs of loan repayment options and refinancing programs will set you and your student up for future financial success.

High School Senior’s – The FAFSA Is A No-Brainer

We’ve saved the FAFSA for last! Up until now, you have been getting ready and organized for a stress-free financial aid experience. And, in the senior year of high school, when it is time for you to officially complete the FAFSA, the good news is you will know what to expect. Walk through and complete an actual FAFSA application on-line, with our test family. Experience the application today and hit the “EASY BUTTON” tomorrow.

The Financial Aid Formula is packed with:

Video training modules with guides and PDF downloads.

Learn at-your-own-pace style program


A guide to create your successful financial aid roadmap

Financial Aid Education for every stage of the college search & selection process

Tools that evaluate college costs today for tomorrow

Data to help find your family’s “financial fit”

Current information in alignment with federal regulations (some states too)

And so much more!

These types of programs could charge up to $ 5,000 But we believe everyone deserves unbiased, ethical guidance from someone who knows this process inside and out.

Set your child up with a quality education AND financial success – we want to help eliminate the $1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS of student loan debt in the U.S, not have your student add to it.

right now, get access to this comprehensive financial aid program with over 10 hours of training for only $697 for the first 12 months.
but act now during our introductory period and get the entire program for $497.

And, I’ll be constantly updating our winning strategies to ensure you have the most current information and access to the best data.

We want to be there with you until your student graduates from college. For an annual $97 renewal fee your will never lose access to this program. We’ve got you covered – from Grade School to Graduation.

PS – don’t forget that this course is for the entire family – be sure to include your student(s) in all these strategies.

Special Bonuses

I’ll also throw in these special bonuses…

Facebook membership access to expert webinars that cover a range of college financial aid topics.

A 15-minute phone consultation with me.

"Catherine is wicked smart and knowledgeable about financial aid and how to navigate the process. After a couple of hours with Catherine I felt that I had the tools needed to complete the FAFSA on my own. Getting the vocabulary down was so helpful and I did not know about the net price calculator until she brought it to our attention."

Cathy C., Palm Springs, Ca

"Catherine is wicked smart and knowledgeable about financial aid and how to navigate the process. After a couple of hours with Catherine I felt that I had the tools needed to complete the FAFSA on my own. Getting the vocabulary down was so helpful and I did not know about the net price calculator until she brought it to our attention."

Cathy C., Palm Springs, Ca

"Catherine is wicked smart and knowledgeable about financial aid and how to navigate the process. After a couple of hours with Catherine I felt that I had the tools needed to complete the FAFSA on my own. Getting the vocabulary down was so helpful and I did not know about the net price calculator until she brought it to our attention."

Cathy C., Palm Springs, Ca

I can honestly say this is one of the best investments you can make for your student’s financial future. This will help you both make conscious, informed decisions and reduce the burden of heavy student loan debt.

Once purchased, you will have access to this course any time for the first 12 months, and then to see you student through graduation for a small annual fee.

What you will get:

Learn the tools and insider tips for success in the college planning process

Accelerate your college search and selection process with fact-based information

Build financial aid knowledge and vocabulary to maximize critical family conversations, financial planning, and decision making. What you know will save you.

Overcome fears about the financial aid process to avoid the most common pitfalls

Reduce the stress and worries about the unknown facts of college affordability

Discover new channels of communication between parent and student for a successful financial (aid) future

Develop effective responses to college inquiries, prevent delays and reduce mis-steps

Diagnose and confront financial aid award deficiencies and financial fit issues early in the awarding cycle to assess all options

Accelerate conversations with the Financial Aid Office for additional assistance

Utilize tools to capture student and parent out-of-pocket costs, loan indebtedness and repayment
Top 10 things former students learned from this class
How federal, state and institutional financial aid is determined
Navigating financial aid dates and deadlines
How to apply for financial aid (FAFSA & CSS Profile)
Where to get the estimated “net college costs” at any college in the country
How much to save
Strategies institutions use to determine merit scholarships
Managing student expectations – college admissions
How need based financial aid is determined
Utilizing tools to researching college we can afford
Using the Net Price Calculator to guide us in our family planning
Become your family’s own financial aid advocate!

This course doesn’t do it for you, it teaches you how to take control of this process, protect your financial future, and find the best college for your student.

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