Throw convention in the air

Imagine the world in a different way. Suzanne will help you and your organization with breaking through the hum-drum and seizing new opportunities.

Bring in Suzanne to lead your sales meetings, rock your event stage with humor and interactive content! Suzanne will leave your group engaged and ready to imagine and create new possibilities for any sized event or team!

Suzanne Castle is a dynamic keynoter, melding her expertise in imagining new possibilities and getting leaders unstuck, all with an enthusiastic sense of humor and a bit of confetti throwing for good measure. From Broadway to the Boardroom, Suzanne brings a glimmer of what could be possible to any event.

Speaking Topic

Collaborative Leadership & Brilliant Teams.

In this talk, I am going to share about clear, respectful communication, strong listening skills, optimized team dynamics, successful collaborations, joyful culture to break old patterns that aren’t working anymore, and replace them with powerful communication, leadership, and project management that will transform your culture, your creativity, your teams, and ultimately your profitability. Your audience will learn:

  • How to build common ground with leaders, managers and team members to create a high-performing team.
  • How to adjust your communication influence and lead with clients, employees and teams.
  • How to create momentum with culture shifts and goal setting that don’t require major dollars.
  • How to make decisions and explore new ideas with everyone participating.

Executive Leaders and Teams, as well as the savvy solopreneur love this strategy that will help you define your projects, get a team of supporters around you and give more clarity and direction in any project or communication snafu.

People Say…

“From the moment she enters the room, you know you are in the presence of no ordinary individual. Suzanne is a creative, passionate change agent who can maximize your results and not only get you to think out of the box, but sometimes even throw away the box on your way to radical transformation. Suzanne is a must-have in the consulting industry.”


“Suzanne has such a gift for drawing people together to think imaginatively, without limitation or hesitation! She empowered our group to vision bravely and she truly made the day fun while still being incredibly productive. We are so grateful for all she brought to our community!"

Andra Moran—Nashville Songwriter

“We loved working with Suzanne! She helped us dream big while staying on budget, and she’s not afraid to say “we’ll figure it out!” She’s flexible, creative, and ready to do whatever it takes to help make your vision come to life."

Lee Hull Moses, Chief of Staff

“Super creative! Super energetic! Super power! If you are looking to stretch the limits of your awareness, looking for a high demand speaker or desire a coach who will help you transform the way you think and lead, Suzanne will guide you toward new amazing and creative possibilities!!!"

Brad Milford—Executive Sales Consultant

“Suzanne has an incredible gift for seeing into the heart of your hesitation, insecurity, or wound, and sending a full force glitter beam of love directly into its core. It is IMPOSSIBLE to spend time with Suzanne, either as your coach online, in person at an event, or simply over coffee, without feeling seen, renewed, and motivated to chase after what may have seemed like an impossible dream. She is not only a force herself - she gives you holy, sparkling, beautiful permission to become a force of your own."

Karyn Thurston, Creative Writer

“Suzanne is the equivalent of a human confetti cannon."

Shane Mullin

“Spending multiple months working side-by-side to design, produce and execute a large corporate event, Suzanne’s ability to recognize and rely on the strengths of her individual team members through some of the more difficult times was the key to our success. Her leadership and team-building skills really shined with her constant encouragement, trust and support for our team. I look forward to the next project we get to work on together! "

MacKenzie Smith, A/V Production


Suzanne has spoken at…

On Stage At
  • Chapman University
  • Brite Divinity School
  • Claremont School of Theology
  • Institute for Worship Studies
  • Christian Theological Seminary
  • Pacific School of Religion (Berkeley)
  • Worship Leader Magazine
  • The Rise Live
  • Transform Network
  • Corpus Christi Ballet Company
  • Pampa Civic Ballet Company
  • Lone Star Ballet Company
  • Fort Worth Independent School
  • District, City of Lubbock
  • Convergence Music Project
  • Open Faith Conference
  • Lead Conference
  • Homebrewed Christianity CultureCast
  • Wild Goose Conference
  • Association of Disciples Musicians
  • North American Academy of Liturgy
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Costa Rica
  • Greece
in the theatre
  • Cats
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown
  • Texas!
  • The Nutcracker (Arabian, Snow Queen)
  • Ghost Squadron (Pilot Project with Michael Dorn)
  • Rules of Engagement
Published In
  • Worship Resources for 2019 Inside Out ECUMENICAL CAMP CURRICULUM,
  • 2018 Worship Resources for CENTER FOR STEWARDSHIP & GIVING, 2019
  • New Dawning Light Advent Devotional for POOR PEOPLE’S CAMPAIGN, 2017 *this is kinda a big deal logo*
  • We Stand With Love Liturgy for WE STAND WITH LOVE CAMPAIGN, 2016
  • Blog Post “WONDER” for OPEN FAITH, 2016
  • Advent Red Letter Christians Writings, 2015
  • Project on “Corporate Worship & Spiritual Formation” with Fuller University, 2015
  • “Creative Worship” in Just Women, Winter 2014
  • “One Great Hour of Sharing: Leader’s Guide”, 2013
  • “Speak Out: Disciples Need More Accountability” Disciples World May 2003
  • “Leadership Resources 101: Worship Liturgies for the In-between Time” Disciples Seminary Foundation,
  • “Worship Essence” Center for Transforming Worship website 2002
  • “Now & Not Yet” Advent Devotional Book of poetry, prayers and art, 2000, Claremont Seminary
  • ‘Pentecost’ worship film 2014 “Candle” worship film 2007
  • “Name Jesus” worship film, 2009 “Hand Heart” worship film 2008 “Candle” worship film 2010
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